This exhibition brings together 20 contemporary artists living and working in Germany today, who all place drawing at the centre of their practices, to canvass a wide range of approaches to the medium. Curated by Volker Adolphs, Head of Exhibitions and Curator of Modern Art at Kunstmuseum Bonn, this is the exhibition’s only showing in New Zealand.

Artists in the exhibition are: Irina Baschlakow, Marc Brandenburg, Monika Brandmeier, Fernando Bryce, Marcel van Eeden, Gerhard Faulhaber, Katharina Hinsberg, Pauline Kraneis, Pia Linz, Christiane Löhr, Theresa Lükenwerk, Nanne Meyer, Thomas Müller, Christian Pilz, Alexander Roob, Malte Spohr, German Stegmaier, Markus Vater, Jorinde Voigt and Ralf Ziervogel.